First, and possibly most important, just because we "HAVE" a website does not necessarily mean we have anything of value to add to the internet!

If you came here in search of a deeper understanding ...of anything....we are very sorry but you have come to the wrong place. If you came here because you love us, like us, or are just plain bored then maybe you will find what you are seeking.
Who Are we?:

We are the Kneer family of Round Rock Texas. Douglas, Annette, Ashley, Stefanie (Arner) but we won't discriminate against her, Breanna, and Tyler.

  • Despite our best efforts we are exceedingly normal

  • We have three dogs, 2 cats (yes Rain is back home again!), a rabbit and a hedgehog.

  • We love our home, and each other (sometimes it may not sound like it)


Ashley has just completed her freshman year in college.  She worked hard and is glad to have made it through!


Stefanie is going to be a senior!  It was touch and go there for awhile but once again she pulled things together and made it!  


Breanna had a very busy year this year.  She excelled in 4th grade and earned her Girl Scout Bronze Award!  She will be in 5th grade and is looking forward to ruling the school!


Tyler is going to school!  He is finally excited that he will get to start Kindergarten this year!  Hope he stays excited or we are in for big trouble come August!

    Comments, cant promise we will read them right away but we will eventually.

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